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Single telephone wires and standard TV cables are inadequate for the needs of many current homeowners. You want high speed internet access, multiple phone and fax lines, networked computers, whole house audio, remote access to security and HVAC systems, and access to digital video entertainment. And you want these features to be conveniently placed around the home, simply organized and easily upgradeable.

Structured wiring can do this today and prepare your home for future needs.

What is Structured Wiring?

Structured wiring consists of all the hidden low-voltage wiring installed in a home to aid in communications, video, networking, home automation, and control. Typically for voice and data communications a bundled cable consisting of Cat-5e, RG-6 and optional fiber optic cables is used. Cat-5e cables are used for network, voice and data transmission while the RG-6 cables are used for video. Fiber cables, although not widely used today in residential applications, may be advantageous in certain applications in the future.

The best time to put in structured wiring is during new home construction or during a remodeling project when open walls provide easy access to running wire. This is the least expensive and quickest way to connect a home.

Planning the layout of your new home can be difficult especially when you have not been living there. This is where structured wiring excels. Each set of bundled cables, speaker wires, & control wires in the home is connected directly to a central location. Commonly called a home run configuration, this system allows each set of cables to be controlled independently. This will allow you to change the “use” of a room whenever your needs change by adjusting the wires connected to that room. If designed well, a home with structured wiring will provide you with years of convenience, security and enjoyment.

What are the benefits?

  • Wired networks are faster, more secure, and more reliable than wireless connections. If you have the option to run wire, do it!
  • Set up a home office with phone, fax and DSL or cable modem. Network your computers anywhere in your home.
  • Take advantage of digital satellite or digital cable TV. Watch the same movie in different rooms of your home at the same time.
  • Control audio/video components in one room from another room.
  • Listen to music throughout your home via in wall/ceiling speakers, practically hidden from view.
  • Have your home’s lighting be controlled from any wall conroller, configure “scenes” where certain groups of lights turn on to preset levels at a touch of a button.
  • Install in-home security cameras. Monitor the front door, baby‘s room or backyard.
  • Adds value to your home in both resale value and in opportunities for your families‘ enjoyment.
  • Multiple outlets can be located in each room giving you the flexibility and convenience you desire as your needs change.

How Ready Net Go Can Help!

Ready Net Go will help you design a plan that works for you and your family. We will work closely with your builder(s) to ensure that time schedules are maintained. One of the advantages of working with Ready Net Go is that we are a local network and database management company. We are available to help setup your computer network, key phone system, and video systems when you move in. And after you are settled, we can assist with network support and maintenance questions.

Feel free to contact us. We will gladly discuss your options and design a plan to suit your needs.


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