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Ready Net Go believes strongly in problem avoidance. Technical support all too often results in scrambling for answers after the fact. Computers, much like cars, require "tune ups" ranging from optimizing hard drive space and memory configuration to updating video drivers.

We offer services that go beyond problem solving. Don't let technical support be an afterthought - let us analyze your current systems configuration. If performance can be improved or possible problems identified, RNG will offer you the solutions which best suit your needs.

Disaster Recovery

Are you currently performing regular tape backups of your important data? If not, we can recommend a backup system for your computers, both networked and non-networked. If you are running backups, are you sure they work? Do you have a comprehensive, up-to date plan for rebuilding your network from scratch? How quickly you recover from such accidents will directly reflect on your bottom line.

Virus and Malware Protection

Perhaps you have already installed virus and malware detection software on your system(s). If so, you have taken a first step towards safeguarding your data. Unfortunately, that is just not enough. New viruses and malware are being detected daily. Thorough protection requires that the latest updates to your software be installed as soon as they become available. RNG can recommend proven virus and malware protection options as well as educate your staff on how to best deal with these threats.

System Optimization

Ever wonder why your computer seems slower than when you first purchased it? Do you encounter problems with the video display or memory when installing new programs? The answer might be a reconfiguration of the operating system or installing additional memory. Manufacturers also release software updates for their hardware such as video or printer drivers which could very well improve your machine's performance.

With all computer systems, accidents can and do happen. Hardware can fail and networks can go down despite all efforts to maintain them. For this reason, we have a variety of support packages available. Our packages not only cover emergencies such as system failure but also include help with office applications, upgrading computers, and suggesting future purchases of software/hardware. If you believe these options do not fully address your needs, we are more than happy to design a custom support package for you.


Along with our support packages we also offer personalized one-on-one or small group training sessions in all office applications below. We strive to educate and expand all staff members' capabilities so as to increase productivity and efficiency of your day-to-day operations.

Business applications we currently support:

MS Office Professional Suite
WordPerfect Office Suite
Database Use & Development (MS Access, MS SQL Server, FoxPro)
Website Development and Maintenance
Internet (Browsing, Email)
Network Use & Administration (Windows Servers, Peer-to-Peer)

Proprietary Office Applications

Are you having difficulty getting answers to specific questions about your custom applications? RNG will learn your custom software so as to expand on its full potential or train new employees to eliminate downtime.

Feel free to contact us. We will gladly discuss your training concerns and design sessions to suit your needs.


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